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The Bedlam Bards

Bedlam Bards Hawke and Cedric (Photo by Barbara Trollman)


The Bedlam Bards are a musical duo (and occasional trio) who's style of "Renfolk Music" is unique blend of Celtic, English, Scandinavian, and American folk music mixed in with period tunes from the Renaissance and Middle Ages that rubs shoulders with the occasional incognito rock song at most Renaissance festivals.

They have produced "On the Drift: Music Inspired by Firefly and Serenity" CD, a musical homage to the brilliance of film and television writer Joss Whedon. This collection of music was created to echo the shows' passion, beauty, and humor. As featured by The Signal podcast and the documentary Done the Impossible, this album is the perfect companion for Browncoats everywhere.

Dec 4 - Friday Night
Abbey Fashion Show
Dec 5 - Saturday Afternoon
Costume Picnic in the Park
Dec 5 - Saturday Night
Catered reception featuring The Bedlam Bards
Dec 6 - Sunday Afternoon
Serenity on the Big Screen