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Volunteer Needs

The Austin Browncoats host charitable functions all year long, ranging from convention booths to large-scale shindigs. We're looking for day-of volunteers to assist us in making The Lone Star Shindig the shiniest shindig in the 'verse! But to do so, we'll need your help!


We'll need assistance getting tea made on site and prep work for hors d'oeuvres, especially any food items we can't prepare ahead of time. The Abbey has a full kitchen that we can use for our event. We'll also need assistance with putting together picnic lunches for all attendees.


We need a tenacious volunteer (or four!) to assist in turning Grace Methodist Church into Shepherd Book's Southdown Abbey on Persephone. You work will primarily be on Saturday evening, although simple table decor work will be needed for Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. No design work will be required for Sunday afternoon. You will be required to come up with a plan for decoration, confirm with the Chair and Entertainment Manager, and then execute your plan. This volunteer position is best suited for someone with the ability to turn a small budget into amazing results.

Clean Up Crew

We will need a few volunteers to assist with clean-up and tear down on Saturday night. Clean-up will include: dish washing, breaking down tables and putting tables and chairs away, tear down of all decorations and removing any garbage from the premises. This position is extremely important, because we must leave the venue in the same (or better) condition that it was prior to our event.

Street Team and E-Street Team

Having a good presence around town and online is extremely important, and directly correlates to the success of an event. We need enthusiastic volunteers from all over Texas to paper Browncoat (and more generally, Sci-Fi) friendly locales with flyers about Lone Star Shindig. We will also need folks to post online about Lone Star Shindig – specifically on Browncoat/Sci-Fi friendly sites. (Examples of good sites to post content on include, but are not limited to, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal, Forums, Meetup, Meetin, etc.)


You will provide all required printed materials for this event. This position does not have to be at the event, but will need to deliver the printed materials to an event volunteer prior to the event date. Materials will primarily be printed in black and white on white or off-white paper.

If you want to volunteer, but don't see the perfect position available, please contact us at: volunteer@austinbrowncoats.com, so we can find a place that best suites your skills.

Dec 4 - Friday Night
Abbey Fashion Show
Dec 5 - Saturday Afternoon
Costume Picnic in the Park
Dec 5 - Saturday Night
Catered reception featuring The Bedlam Bards
Dec 6 - Sunday Afternoon
Serenity on the Big Screen